the very long winded making of an apron

I've been meaning to make an apron for my sister since before Christmas. I cut the (very simple) thing out a while ago but finally got around to sewing it on Saturday. It's based on the tea towel apron in Bend the Rules Sewing...just using a rectangular piece of fabric instead of a tea towel. Pretty simple but measuring & sewing straight seams is tough! (measuring more so than sewing...any tips out there?)

This is how it looked at first. It just didn't seem right, too much like a butcher's apron. I got out the book and, oh yeah, realized I had forgotten the little pleats. Hello, seam ripper, how have you been? What a difference.

Quite a while ago I found a garbage bag full of vintage quilt scraps at D&S. The pieces are pretty small but I just fell in love with some of the prints and was so happy to finally use a few of my favorites. I think the middle one is both mine & Andrea's favorite. (she loves that orange color)

I showed it to Patrick at this point and asked if he could tell what they were. He was like, duh...bowls. I told him I was planning on embroidering on some spoons and headed into the kitchen to iron them in place. (steam a seam, I love you.) A minute later he asks, "Are you going to outline them, too?" " little crafty companion," I teased him. Again, he was like, duh...contrast. (and I was like, are so metro!) But yes, I was planning on outlining them.
Here is the finished product. I was originally thinking baking bowls, all stacked up. The patterns were too much all together, though, so I went with this. I was then going to embroider spoons in each of them but I got the first "spoon" in and thought that that middle bowl screamed salad to me. And, my sister loves salad so I decided to go with 2 salad spoons and call it a day. The one on the right is kind of wonky but I already ripped it out once and have since decided that that is part of the handmade charm. ;)

I have to show you these other pictures or the story would not be complete. First, James' face. He was happy to model the apron for me but so upset that we were leaving for church soon after. Then there's Ruby. This is what she loves to do, in and out, in and out. She is careful and I do watch her, mom. And finally, my little sewing window. I love it and was happy to spend my time here this weekend. xoxo

p.s. Sarah, my valentine garland never made it past those 2 hearts you can see on my bulletin board. :)
p.s.s. DST is really messing with us. It's noon and I just finished my coffee. We are 2 hours behind schedule.?!


  1. The next time we are together I will show you an easy way for measuring straight seams. I will bring the stuff on Wen (as long as I remember;)

  2. "duh...metro" -ha! :)
    lovely apron - i want to try it. i love that ruby matches your pinchusion. and i love your sewing space. i just finished a bunch of napkins for my mom's i'm off to finish a pair of pants for me (loungepants ala amy butler), and a few bibs and burp clothes for a friend. i love sewing-marathons! :)

  3. Thanks, Liz. They are pretty easy and turn out cute. Please post pics of your stuff when you're done! (I'd love to see the lounge pants, esp.) :)

  4. i will, i promise! just have to figure out the button hole function on my machine. i'm using an old, vintage sheet as fabric.

  5. That apron is super cute. I've been struggling with sewing one of my own for a swap and I really like yours! Especially the bowls w/spoons. And that teacup for your pins rocks. What cute kids.


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