april fools

Last night, after lights out:

S: I'm pregnant.
P: (without missing a beat) I lost my job.
S: It's twins.
P: I want to drive cab.

S&P: hee hee hee, we are so funny, hee hee hee

P: I have cancer of the thumb.

I can't remember the rest but it was pretty funny (to us) as well. Something about wanting a divorce and buying a Land Rover.

Lookit, it's nearly 11pm and I am online. I had a very good day but a very LOOOOOOONG day. James, Ruby & I (don't ask) just got home at 9:30. I laid Ruby down at 10:22, logged on, spontaneously ordered some freaking adorable ribbon made in Portugal and then wrote this. Must go to bed. xoxoxoxo

p.s. I missed you today!


  1. Y'all are a riot! Instead of a cab, why not truck driving and see more of the country?


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