baby born

baby born, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

Baby Born is one of our favorite books around here and I have always adored the illustrations...especially the cover full of swaddled up little ones.

I've thought many times I should make my own and last night that thought finally collided with some free time. Ruby was surprised when I showed her the book and the baby. It was pretty cute. Now James wants one...a super baby. Maybe a cape?

There are a few more pics on flickr. Oh yeah...good morning! :)


  1. Adorable Stephanie! It's the sweetest thing ever!

  2. Love teh Baby--It will be interesting when I need to start switching gears and thinking about what little girls want. I am liking the new layout--I think it is very spacious and airy. Oh, and read down and saw that you are doing the whole no tv thing. I have been considering it myself. I'll be checking on on your progress.

  3. Could that BE any cuter? Nope!

  4. Oh my word - that is the sweetest most adorable thing!!! Such a crafty Mama you are. I think it would make a perfect gift for a soon to be big sister.
    Hint hint. ;-)
    Love it!!!

  5. Now that is cute. I got three big swaddling wraps in the mail yesterday, so this hits the spot.

  6. I think that James should have one with a light saver;) OK that would go over REALLY well in my house;)

  7. Thanks, guys! Apparently swaddled babies are universally cute. :)

    Tutta, no TV week was last week. It went really well and inspired me to cut their watching down. (but not out!) :)

  8. I can't believe you MADE that! Very cool-Kate


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