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I wanted to make vanilla simple syrup for my coffee. It was super easy and turned out very good and I loved working with fresh vanilla beans. BUT. I will never pay $6.62 for ONE BEAN again. Not when I can get approximately 30 beans for $8.50 from a reputable seller. I want to try making my own vanilla extract...sounds pretty simple.

boiling away
Then I had to mix up some 40mine and had those lemons out and wondered how fresh lemonade with vanilla simple syrup would taste? Let's just say I will be making it again...all summer! so good!
James' favorite spot at the Target snack bar
they all fit just fine
My friends asked if I could make some taggy blankets for their wee ones. They bought all the fabric and ribbons and I have 2 out of 3 of them done. They are easy, but sewing with this "minky" fabric is tricky because it is stretchy. Once I started using a stretch stitch it was easier. (takes me a while to figure these things out.) They're pretty cute. I hope they get lots of use.

This is all Ruby wants to do - change her baby's diapers. (even her animal babies)

dinner time...I make them baby hamburgers & baby buns...they love that. (me, too, they're so cute!)
a little something I'm working on....heehee, fun.
the hearth framing is almost finished
one more wall sheet rocked!
sadly, this is what the basement looks like. can you even spot the child?


  1. The tag blankets are great! I am going to finally break down and get a sewing machine, think a base model from Target will give me what I need? (Like a stretch stitch?? LOL)

  2. I can see Ruby in the basement, but it is hard;) I am glad that someone else's basement looks like that!

  3. Oh and I forgot I love the aprons!

  4. But they are not aprons! They are so cute

  5. TLS (what is your real name?) - I do think a basic machine will give you what you need. Mine is a basic Kenmore model, my dad got it at Sears like 5 or 6 years ago.

    hehe zoe, had you fooled! ;)

  6. If it makes you feel any better your basement is what my garage looks like! We finally have our basement finished (carpet got installed today! yay!) and had to move all of the stuff that was stored in there to the garage. Now that it's warming up I'm planning a big garage sale!

    I hope you'll keep posting basement picture updates. I love to see everything come together. The hearth is going to be really cool!


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