de sun, de sun!

(my imitation of Tattoo)

I wasn't sure what we should do today but we set out around 10:30 with our new cooler packed for lunch. Some friends were meeting at noon but we got there too early and I kind of felt itchy to go exploring. We went for a little drive and found ourselves at McGaw Park in Fitchburg. I'd never been there before and we had such a good time we just stayed. (friends, I think we should add this one to our summer park schedule!) It was a little chilly at first but the sun was shining and it eventually warmed up. We played for a long time and then had our picnic.

I'm glad we got to soak this up today as the forecast shows lots of clouds. There are a few more pictures on flickr. Thanks for all the baby love. :)


  1. Be glad you left - three busloads of kids showed up right before we did!

  2. McGaw park is awesome, very quiet usually too! Count me in next time you go!

  3. I hate when that happens, Vicki! Tis the season, though, right? :) The zoo is going to be awful for the next few weeks.

    Heidi, we'll have to go there for sure.


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