doing better

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Our little buddy is better today. He still had a fever on and off until about midnight but woke up feeling okay. (I took this picture of him last night while I had my head lamp on. I love those things instead of booklights.) I kept him home from school and decided to meet Kate at Target for lunch. It was fun but it sure wiped him out. Ruby polished off half of a mini pizza and a chocolate milk while James had one bite of hot dog and some juice. But it stayed in him! They are both asleep.

I feel like I should go do something but I'm not sure what. It may just be lie down. :)


  1. Glad James is feeling better now. Odin thought some banana bread might make him all better, but that's his fix for everything!

  2. heidi! how fun to get a comment from you! tell Odin thanks. :)

  3. Very glad he is getting better! He has had to many of these bugs! I vote that he be done with being sick for 1 year;) I get a vote?

  4. Yes, I'll take it. :) So that's at least 2 votes for NO MORE SICK.


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