fair warning

I'm not sure where this week will go but I'm giving you (mainly my mom & dad) fair warning...I might not be around much. I will try to post some new pictures every day, though.

It is just so gorgeous out and it feels so good to be outside. We ate, rested, worked and played outside all weekend and that's what I want to continue for us as much as possible this week. It's like therapy for my body or something, after that long winter. It's also turn off the TV week and I'm giving that a try. I mentioned this to James a few weeks ago and he was totally protesting so I didn't bring it up again. When the tv came up today I just suggested something else (except for a little while at our friend's house) and it was just fine. Who knows. I've always been okay with the amount they watch (less than 2 hours) (but not much less) but I am curious how it will affect our day. I might turn it on first thing tomorrow, we'll see. :)

So, anyways. I'm tired. It's way after 9 but I broke my own rule because I didn't want my mom to be wondering about us in the morning. (mom, I didn't forget about your test but did forget to call. I'll call you tomorrow. sorry. xoxox)


J: Mom, I want a friend to sleep in my room with me all night tonight.
S: Like a stuffed animal?
J: No, like dad.
(this could be a teaching moment, I thought, and laid down next to him)
S: You already have a friend who will be with you all night.
J: Huh? Who?
S: Jesus. Jesus is always in your heart and you can always talk to Him. He's always with you, buddy.
J: (rolling over) I mean a reeeeeeeeeeel friend.

hehehehe. No offense, Lord.


  1. that conversation with james is so funny...my son sawyer looked at me after i told him that once and he said, "how did he get in there?"

    we're having lovely weather as well - it's awesome!!!

  2. I think we need to get Elijah and James to have a sleep over I hear this all the time;)

    We are also enjoying the warm weather.


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