fill in the blanks

Hi. This has been a really ___________ day so far. First of all, James has a fever and won't stop ___________ or ___________. I feel so bad for him but am really _________ of it, too. Ruby hasn't __________ but did request more _________at lunch which kind of made my day. Right now she's eating a ___________ in her ____________ because she wouldn't leave ___________ alone.

Tonight was supposed to be craft night but I can't go. I could but I really don't want to leave Patrick alone with these two. For this he says I am the ___________ bunny _________. I __________him to be home early or I'd ___________ him.

I haven't _________ or ___________ all day. I am ____________ and really want a _____________. It is a mild but _____________ day and the fresh air feels nice coming through my __________.

My __________ is done but I have nothing for __________. Oh yeah, except for that __________ that I ___________ this morning.

Okay. This is really _____________. But it was this or a lot of ___________. _o_o


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