I opened a little etsy shop! You can find it here or linked over in the right sidebar.

I'm going to mainly use it to sell my old stuff that I loved, bought, but have never used or displayed.

I used to do ebay full time but feel a little rusty. Any feedback would be appreciated...prices too high, wording too dumb? Any tips from long time etsy-ers?


p.s. New banner, too.

p.p.s. Happy weekend!


  1. Sure, just when I quit you start! LOL

  2. fantastic new banner!

    congratulations on your shop opening!!

  3. I *heart* your new banner! Too, too cute.

    Good luck with your etsy venture.

  4. I have no Etsy experience, but it looks good to me!

    Meant to tell you yesterday that I LOVE your new banner...


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