S: Ruby, do you want to read a book?
R: No sank you.

S: (to self) Excellent. Now I can blog guilt free!

Hi. We have had a busy week. Well, Monday was kind of slow and lazy. Tuesday my 2 friends and their 6 kids came over for lunch and that was really fun. Yesterday morning Zoe woke me up with an 8am phone call asking if I'd like her and the kids to come over and walk with me. (how thoughtful...she read my list!) While I normally would not like being woken up, this worked out perfectly. Patrick was just leaving and I really had to get up or the mess that had already started (chocolate muffins) would have got really bad, really fast. So, a while later Zoe and her kids came over to spend the day with us. We just hung out, took some pictures (I'll show you later), had lunch, went for a walk, etc. At 6 I went to Kate's to watch Natalie for a couple hours and brought James with me. Patrick stopped by with Ruby and she ended up staying so he could go home and work on the fireplace framing some more. (I really loved those Jotul wood stoves but the man decided fireplace and since he's wanted one for years, he gets it.) So, there I was with 3 kids until a little after 9pm. They were really good until about 8:30. That's when the squirrelly-ness set in. I was quietly whimpering to myself when Kate & Oliver got home but recovered when Oliver offered me a shot of tequila.

James is thankfully at preschool this morning so Rubes and I can just chill. And drink coffee. We are meeting Kate & Natalie and hopefully some others at the playground after school. AT THE PLAYGROUND. I can't tell you how good it feels to say that.

Because I have no new pictures uploaded right now, this was the grass last April. xoxo


  1. It was a wicked cool day and next time I will wait until 8:30 to call;)


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