Susan, this is messy...
getting ready to go...

see ya, James

a wee birthday gift for me ruby from The Small Object...
our backyard buddy...(okay, Zoe, what is it?)
more of the messy...

favorite lunch...low carb, high fiber tortilla, broccoli slaw, tomatoes, ham & Babybel light french onion cheese...yummy.....


  1. That picture is blurry, but that sure looks like a prairie dog to me.


    (BUt I can't remember where you live and if you would even have prairie dogs there.)

  2. It is not a prairie dog, but that is a good guess (with what we have to work with;) I would guess it was a ground squirrel, but am not sure as the size of it is hard to tell (and the look of it is fuzzy;) I would guess a 13 line, but that is just a guess without a better photo it is hard to tell.

  3. Oh my word Stephanie - you have made me laugh so hard today. :)
    If I had a blog, I'd post pictures of what my house looks like in it's current state. Instead, if I can bring myself to actually take a picture of the mess, I'll email it to you. It's not pretty.
    And the picture of the animal in your yard is most definitely a prairie dog. We have tons around us. Have you seen them at the zoo? The babies are adorable.


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