the incredible shrinking husband

Patrick's new habit of keeping sandwich & snack stuff at work has really made a difference in our budget. He got paid yesterday and I actually still had money left that we were budgeted to spend and we didn't. huh. Who knew that could happen?

Another unexpected benefit has been that he's been losing weight. He isn't really overweight or anything but his belly had gotten bigger over the winter. (and I am not pointing any fingers here as mine has, too.)

We were in the bathroom this morning and he held his pants up, kind of at Urkel height.

P: See?!
S: What? They are 36s, that is what you were wearing! You just need some 34s.
P: But they tag says 36x32. These are not 32s. Not unless I'm shrinking, too.
S: (peals of laughter)

I'm not sure why but this struck me as so funny. Just the way he said it, I guess. My little bunny, off to work with his belt notched tightly and his cuffs rolled. He's mine, ladies, back off.

Maybe I should surprise him with some new jeans with those excess funds?

(This was at dinner last night, just to prove he still eats. I know it looks like we only had corn but we had chicken legs, too. (they just weren't ready yet) (my bad) And yes, Ruby has him on corn, 2 to 1. She is a corn eating machine.)


  1. OK, where the heck are you getting good looking corn in April??

  2. Um, I'm not sure. It's just been appearing at the grocery store. I try not to question it. ;)

  3. As I scrolled down I thought: oh, the husband eating corn...yawn...and then I saw wee Ruby being a corn eating machine and laughed.

  4. Well done on your dh losing weight and I loved the corn photo. There is nothing like the joy of watching children munch away on corn.


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