lovely day at the beach

Ha! Totally kidding!

Thanks to all of your kind words and some reassurance from my friends and mother, I have decided to move past this whole incident. Lesson learned? check. Allrighty then, moving on.

First, though, I have to tell you about my mother. I called my her shortly after I posted this morning and do you want to know the first thing she said to me?

M: hello
S: hi

M: (sigh) Remember what happened to (insert name of person we love who died of skin cancer here)?
S: gasp!! Mother, you are awful!!!!!

M&S: hehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehe

That's how we roll. We gotta laugh at stuff. If that offended you then be glad you're not in our family. :) She then went on to say really nice stuff that helped me feel better. Thanks mom. And thanks to all my friends that I went on and on to this morning. I guess sometimes I am a wee bit dramatic. (you're all like, duh! tell us something we don't know!)

We went to Kate's after preschool because it was too windy to be outside for long today. I felt like she was pitying me by inviting me over (because this morning I had said I didn't want the kids out in the sun today but by late morning, when I talked to her again, I was over that but she didn't know I was) and when I said as much to her she asked if this was my "Beat Myself" up day. hahahahahhaha. So then I said, yes, it was. I told her I also haven't filed our state taxes yet and don't have dinner planned. I pretty much was a lot of fun today.

This morning when I checked our seeds I was so excited to see a tiny stem unfurling. By the time we got home this afternoon, it looked like this! Our first tomato plant!

About two seconds after I held it down to show Ruby, it looked like this.

Do you think it will die? Now that we've taken away it's source of light and joy? balls. gardening is not easy.


  1. Eh, if the worst thing that happens to them is that they got a sunburn once, they had a good life. :-)

    I am halfway through that book we discussed. I will be emailing you as soon as I have a minute.

  2. Whatever was happening, don't you love moms? I KNOW I do!


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