We went to Susan's on Monday so I could help (ha!) watch her kids while she painted. She didn't get to do a lot (sorry!), but it was a nice morning. Her kitchen looks gorgeous and makes me consider painting ours. I wanted white walls as a backdrop for all my old stuff but her color looks so awesome. Anyways......

James seems to be a natural when it comes to driving. He did really good for his first time, turning and backing up, it was really cute.4 kids would be hard. (even 4 as cute as these ones)

rubes & ally

Raking is hard work.
Thank goodness for my helper.


  1. Thanks for coming over Stephanie. Ally had a blast playing outside all morning. Thank you as well for your comments about my kitchen. I do love the paint. :)
    The pic of Ally and James in the Jeep is so sweet. Looks like a first date. I'd be honored to have Ally date such a fine young man.

  2. Love the pic of the two little ones in the jeep. Just precious!

  3. I know, isn't that one so cute?! :)


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