oh my gosh, the guilt

I wasn't going to say this out loud but I feel so awful, there's nothing else on my mind this morning.

(Mother, this is not open for discussion, okay? I need no tips or scolding. Maybe a story about how you let this happen to me once? thanks.)

We are all sunburned. :( I feel so horrible. I have to say, so you don't all think I am a total loser, that James is over 4 years old and he has never been sunburned before. Ruby, either.

But still. sigh. Can I say again how horrible I feel? It doesn't seem to hurt, it's just pink. really pink. There will be no photos.

The sunscreen is now in the van.


  1. We went to California for vacation a number of years ago and all of my kids and my hubby got REALLY sunburned. I completely forgot the sunscreen too. I know how you feel!

  2. I'm sure we've all fouled up like that at some point...I know I have.
    I let tiny baby Middle get sunburned once. I was just a jerk.

  3. Do not beat your self up about as you can see from the comments we have all forgot at one point or another.

    Who knew that it was that sunny out, after all the snow it is hard to remember what summer is like.

  4. How about putting on last year's sunscreen (not knowing it had expired) and then letting your kids sit out in the direct midday sun for hours. Upon hours. Yup. That's what I did. So I feel your (and their) pain.
    Hope everyone's feeling better soon!

  5. Oh, thank you everyone. I mean it. It helps to hear that I am not alone in my neglect and mistreatment.

    HAHAHAHAHA...kidding. Seriously, thank you. xo


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