plantin'! tiny! seeds!

Yesterday we planted some tomato, pepper and Delphinium seeds. We made the little pots with empty toilet paper rolls (see here) We used one piece of tape on the bottom of each to hold them together better & will just remove when (and if) we move these outside. It worked out well, James liked helping me put them together. They both loved the dirt and the planting part and were amazed at how tiny the seeds are. All afternoon we heard Ruby hollering, "plantin'! tiny! seeds!" I sure hope they grow. I have them under a fluorescent light but I just read that they need 14 hours of it a day. I might put them up on Ruby's closet shelf...there are big fluorescents in there. (any experience with this? I'd love to hear it.)

This was one of those activities that took longer to clean up than sure did feel good to have my hands in some dirt, though.


We just got home a while ago and James is asleep downstairs. Ruby is laying on my bed reading Alice Waters and Chez Panisse to her new baby doll she just got at Dig and Save. Her new unwashed baby doll she just got at D&S. Did I mention she was on my bed?! Which reminds me...

Things We've Found on Our Bed This Week (so far):
  • James (sleeping)
  • Ruby (sleeping) (last night I was just telling Patrick how nice it would be to have our bed back to ourselves and it was like God heard me and called out, "CUE RUBY!")
  • seam ripper (sorry bunny)
  • Legos
  • graham cracker with sunbutter, wrapped in a napkin
  • dirty baby doll (the one I just mentioned, not a different dirty baby doll) (I just heard her kiss this doll)
  • hot wheels car from Cheerios box
  • ruler
the end. xoxo


  1. Hey Stephanie, do you use love and logic? Care to discuss it if you do?

  2. The plants will turn out great! Not all of them will grow, but most of them will, not to worry. I did this last year and just put them by the patio door and they where fine. The hard part is to make sure that they do not dry out. (well that was the hard part for me;)

    They look GREAT!

  3. Wow, great job starting from seedlings--the climate differences between us are so funny, my tomato plants are almost 10" tall now! I am very interested in the toilet paper roll method, and square foot gardening, but that will have to wait until we ever move back East and have more than a 25" by 45" yard that just bakes in the sun all day! Oh, and love the dress!

  4. reading this post gave me an idea of what to do the kids this weekend, tks for sharing :)


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