sewing my first reversible dress

About a month ago I decided I wanted to make a dress for Ruby. I took one of her current favorites (the red one) and traced it out on wax paper, making a pattern. I then used some old fabric to try it out. It worked but I found all the hemming around the neck and armpits to be kind of time consuming. (and hard.)
It's probably hard to see but my stitches around the neck are really uneven. But I was happy that it worked, anyways, and put it aside to ponder fabrics.
After a while I decided to try and make it reversible, thus eliminating the need to do all that edge work. I got the little kid fabric from Thomas & Erin for Christmas and found the floral a couple weeks ago at Dig & Save. That sealed the deal. Just last night I found the gingham ribbon in the basement...also a Dig & Save find from a long time ago. I wasn't planning on the ribbon but it adds a lot, I think.

I cut them out, sewed up the sides, and pinned on the ribbon last night. So essentially, there are 2 dresses here and today I made them one. (mwah ha ha!)

This was a little nerve wracking. Would it actually work? I sewed the back up (the top part in the photo below) first and was so relieved when I flipped it inside out and it looked alright.
I haven't sewn something totally new to me or really challenging in a while and I had forgotten that nervous/excited feeling that comes. Like right now? My hands are sweating a little. :) In a good way. (if that's possible to imagine.)

It's not done yet, I still have to find my buttons and sew them on. (where are they?!?) The two on the straps will be purely decorative. Because I never got my buttonholer to work I decided to do a loop closure in the back instead of buttoned straps like the original dress has. (I traced Patrick's deodorant cap to get that oval opening.)

Camera One:

Camera Two:

And, I know it will fit because I tried one half on my very unexcited model this morning.

Yay for sewing!


  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog by pushing the 'next blog' button at the top of my blog :) I have to say what a cute little dress you've sewn! Great Job! And making your own Vanilla stuff how ambitious! Would you mind if I added you to my blog roll? I would love to see what you are up to from time to time.

  2. ok that does it you are SOOOOOO helping me make one for Ada!!!! Very cute. Can you make one for me to?

  3. Hi Gail, I'm glad you found me. :) Feel free to add me to your blog roll...I'll be around later to check yours out. I love meeting new bloggers. :)

    Thanks to both of you, I'm glad you like it.

  4. adorable Stephanie . . . way to go you crafty gal!

  5. I agree with Heidi, you are so adorable Stephanie. LOL! ;-)

    Seriously - the dress is precious!! And so was Rubes modeling it. Diva material already. :) Was she crying? Project Runway watch out!!!

  6. Hi Susan!! It's so much fun to have you guys over here. xoxo

    Yes, Ruby was crying. And picking her nose. true diva. ;)

  7. Man, you're getting good!!!

    Thats' why we kept you.

  8. I love the reversible dress!

  9. Sorta' stumbled in semi-accidentally...what a cute child!!!

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