trying to decide

what looks best with this new banner...colors, etc. Obviously my whole b&w theme, with the matching pics on the sidebar, isn't working anymore. Well, bear with me whilst I figure it out. thanks.

I am waiting for Patrick to get back up here with Lost so we can finally watch it. The last version he downloaded didn't work and now it's getting sooooo late. (10pm...sad, isn't it?)

I asked James if we should do another no TV week and he said fine. He was pretty happy to watch a Little Einsteins DVD on Friday night (turned on at 6:30 when Patrick still wasn't home) but I don't think he missed it that much. We are definitely cutting back. Ruby is the one I'm worried about, she yearns for Blues Clues, and I think now is the time to reign her in.

Ruby is a little beast right now. Is this normal for 2? HAHAHAHAHA. I've heard that it is but James wasn't super sickening at 2. The hardest part of Ruby is that her shrieking and whining is pretty steady right now. But then she'll put her arm around James and say, "sweet bo bamesy," and we all melt into a big messy puddle. (I call him jamesy bo bamesy or just bo bamesy for short)

Hmmmmm. What else? Oh yeah. Patrick and I had a nice night out on Saturday. Kelsey couldn't get Ruby down for bed but it was no big deal. Our little girl was so wound up when we got home that I was certain nothing short of a dart gun was going to work. Thankfully, Kelsey is still willing to come this summer and I am going to try 11-4. weeeeeeeeeeee!

Yawn. I guess I should sign off before this post jumps the shark. xoxo


  1. I like this new color - you should make Built To Last bold.

  2. I really like the new look. I can't remember what the background color was before but this blue color reminds me of the color I painted our basement. It looks great with the red.

  3. sophie was hard just before two- LOTS of whining. then things improved- i think the imagination kicked in and she wasn't so bored with me! maybe it's a girl thing. i love the banner, and want bee-bim-bop- have had it on my wishlist for months!


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