a whole lot of boring up in here

I'm still not totally loving this layout. I'm not sure when I'll have the time to sit down and fix it so I might just keep tweaking as I go.

Thanks for all the banner love. Zoe was here one day and started taking pictures of these spools for her photography class. I was like, YES!, and laid them out, thinking of a new banner shot. We both had a couple good ones from that day but none of them were just right. I tried again on Saturday and liked what the wooden table added. Anyways, thanks.

The cold & gloomy weather we are having today is crushing my spirit. You know that feeling when you know you should be feeling bad about something but you can't remember what? That's how I am this morning. I hope I can remember and get over it before noon. :) Ruby and I are about to do some reading and then I have dreams of fresh coffee...


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