James is sick. Again. He's had an on and off fever since Saturday and his ability to keep stuff inside is diminishing. He is downstairs watching Little Einsteins and keeps wailing maamamammamamaa. Ruby is still sleeping. I wanted to blog a little but I'm not sure if he'll give me the chance. I may just have to be right beside him all day. poor buddy.

Aside from adding another notch to our virus belt, we had such a good weekend. Beautiful weather, I got to walk both days, the corn gluten meal for the lawn is now waiting in the garage, Patrick got a lot done downstairs, both kids napped yesterday so we sat down and had coffee, donuts, and watched Into The Wild at 2:30pm, I got a ton of laundry done, we had the windows open...so much goodness.

In James' weakened state I thought I should push him for a walk yesterday (in the stroller), just so he could get outside. As soon as we saw the playground he had a mysterious burst of energy.

It was so good to be back there. xoxo


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