a small price to pay

I've been on the mini-pill for a while now and am happy with it. I've heard that you can sometimes miss your period but that had never happened to me until this last month. Last weekend, to be exact. 3 negative pregnancy tests later (3 for 9.99 at Target), I'm fairly certain I'm not pregnant. Which is good...we are not trying to have another child right now. (if ever)

One of the tests taken this weekend was taken under circumstances which I found hilarious, given the negative result. Had it been positive I would have felt it a sad and somewhat cruel introduction to this new child's life.

I was sitting on the toilet in the Goodwill bathroom. It stunk. Ruby was in her stroller, screaming as loud as she could to get out, and I was trying not to pee all over my hand or touch, well, anything in there. It was hot and awful and felt wrong on so many levels, but we were curious and didn't want to wait until we got home. I called Patrick down at Home Depot a few minutes later and we both breathed a sigh of relief.

Sure, there was a pang of sadness for both of us but no more than a pang. Maybe even just a ping. I think it would have been super funny and very God-like of Him to allow me to be pregnant again when I have finally (mostly) stopped feeling guilty for not wanting another one right now (or maybe ever). Ha, that God. He cracks me up. Or, He would have but, thankfully, didn't. Thank you, Lord. (that is said in all seriousness.)


  1. Having that picture right up there at first click is needless to say, unnerving. I was all, "What?"

    Then your testing environment.

    It's okay that you only felt a pang and maybe a little bit more relief. Don't feel guilty.

  2. Congrats on not be prego! But if you where finding out at Goodwill would be funny, seeing as you always got good stuff there;)

  3. Well that pic made me read a little closer! Be careful with the Mini Pill. I was off it for a few days and BAM, here's Rosy! Crazy how quick it wore off.

    I tested for Sophie in the bathroom of Winn-Dixie, so I laughed about Goodwill. Ah, the memories . . .

  4. Oh my word - I almost fell off my chair by that picture at the top of this post!!! This is a total "Gotcha!" post.
    I tested on Christmas Day in the Walgreens bathroom for Ben. I wonder how I could work that into his baby book. ;-) tee hee hee
    I'm glad it worked out the way you wanted. God works in mysterious ways.

  5. Whew!

    And get your tests at Dollar Tree next time! They work great!

    Oh, yes, and congrats :)

  6. The Dollar Tree sells pregnancy tests?!

    Gosh, I've been out of THAT loop for a while.

    And look at all these posts I missed.

    Out of this loop too I guess!

    So - the Beer Chips weren't a crazy PG craving then, heh heh.

  7. holly: thank you.

    zoe: good point. :)

    ellen: thanks for the warning. I'm going to be extra careful.

    susan: heehee, walgreens! I didn't know that!

    sybil: totally going to the dollar store next time...thanks for the tip.

    bb: no, the beer chips are just plain good. try them!

  8. I'm glad that you're happy with the results, even if they had to come in the bathroom at Goodwill.

    I'll stop knitting that baby blanket now. ;)

  9. I almost peed my pants . . . happy that you're happy! Yum, beer chips sound way good, woodmans?

  10. I'm sure someone else will be popping one out, Vicki, so go ahead and continue for them. :)

    Cub, Heidi. so good...even the kids like them!

  11. Holy smokes I was like WHOA!!! Quite the touching little moment though--I can only imagine. Although, I have to say, I love seeing your kids and one more would always create more good blogging material. Plus, you could be preggo with ME!!!


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