beer chips are good

Really. Try them if you see them on your super market shelf. Patrick might even love them.

Hi. I think I deserve a medal, or at least another cup of coffee. I took both kids to Woodman's this morning and got $250 worth of groceries in 1.5 hours. That is only a half hour longer than it takes me to go alone and that 30 minutes was spent in the bathroom (twice), opening cartons of chocolate silk (2), boxes of crunchy bars (Kashi bars) (2 - one kind for me, one for them), and answering the burning questions James had about Hot Pockets and ladles. Ruby was on my back and was good the whole time. THE WHOLE TIME. I was shocked and thankful and exhausted. They were too, and both fell asleep on the way home.

I still prefer to go by myself in the evening but today really could not have gone better. I was planning on a local week, partially because Patrick needed the van today to get the rain barrels. Unfortunately, that fell through last night. sigh. I really hope we can get them by the weekend or I might just tell them to forget it. Well, probably not but I am getting frustrated. (I know they're non-profit and all but come on!! List it on your website if you're behind on orders...return phone calls...something!)

Moving on. I am super excited to see Kate and her new little buddy tomorrow morning. I invited their clan over for coffee with the ulterior motive of holding him for a very long time. It's funny to me that I invited guests over and my living room floor is covered in crunchy muffin crumbs. ha! funny. Should go do something about that.

I stepped on an upside down hot wheel car today. Have you ever done that? I think it's worse than a duplo Lego injury and it certainly got a robust response out of me. My foot still hurts, hours later. I'm sure James will never even notice it's missing. (kidding.)


  1. I would have had to chuck the hot wheel! You had great restraint. Good job on the shopping thing. It is hard and the fact that neither of them broke down is great!

  2. Yeah, burn that Hot Wheel torture device.

    WooHoo on your shopping. You are brave, oh so brave.

  3. Well done, Shopping Lady! And, please spill which Kashi bars are James friendly. I'm desperate for snacky foods for Jasper!

  4. They are the Roasted Almond Crunch and the Pumpkin Flax. Both have almonds, though.

    Can he have almonds?


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