fashion victim

fashion victim, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I feel like this space has dropped on my list of priorities lately. I have just been so busy keeping myself from selling my kids that I haven't had a moment to blog! heehee.

I'll have to record the bad James stories from last Friday later on, I would hate to forget about the first time he peed on the floor in anger.

There are some pictures on flickr. We are heading out soon to get James and head to a park. xoxo


  1. let me know when you get the wording just right for your ad. ;)

    I feel sure an interesting story (or several?)is forthcoming.

  2. And why is your floor yellow? Remember the bug!!! I hope it gets better soon.

  3. Peeing on the floor is nothing! Jasper peed ON THE COUCH the other night. On purpose.

    Wanna work a three-for-one into your ad? ;)

  4. Are those Crocs?
    I want them to be Crocs.

  5. holding my breath for the angry pee story. you made me laugh.

  6. sorry, bb, they are imitation crocs from payless. :)

    pee story is posted.


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