first man-pris of the season

man-pris, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

James put these on this morning, stood up, and said, "Mom, I like these pants but I'm going to need some sunscreen down there."

Patrick and I were dying. He then put on a Hot Wheels tank top undershirt OVER a long sleeved tshirt, pulled his socks up as far as they would go, and announced he was ready.

It was painful for Patrick but off they went.


  1. OMG I just snorted iced tea up my nose!!

  2. Talk about a fashion statement!!! I'm sure he's setting the trend for his preschool. You'll show up on Thursday and all the boys will be wearing that same outfit. Kind of like the rubber bracelets and fish net gloves of our younger years. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!

  3. oh lord, the fishnet gloves!

    if you say so, bb. ;)


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