gettin busy

I cannot believe it's Friday already. This week has been a busy* one with trips to the Urgent Care (Ruby slightly sprained her wrist trying to get away from me but it is all better today), baby showers & delicious drinks (blackberry swirled Pina Colada - YUM.), Mother's Day gifts packed up (and sent today, I know, I'm always late), lots of planting (Patrick claims I'm getting plants for mother's day. HA HA. I want more than that...I want TIME!), some sewing, some disbelief & self pity (ruby), a kick from James (nice, eh? he quickly learned that a kick to my shins = a one way ticket home from the zoo), and I can't remember what else...but it was a busy one and, looking back, a pretty good one.

So, yeah. Ruby had a really good day yesterday and then James had to go off and kick me. Oh well. When he does stuff like that I almost want to laugh because I can see the struggle on his face while he decides what to do with his frustration. Usually, lately, he yells, "I QUIT!" heehee. Or, "I HATE POTATOES!" (which also earns him a trip to his room...don't like him saying HATE...I prefer he yells, "I REALLY DON'T LIKE POTATOES!") (moms are a bummer)

I do have some more pictures but will have to get back to you with those. Right now there is a big cup of coffee waiting with my name on it. xoxo

*Ruby spun herself around and around in the kitchen this morning until she fell down. "Whoa," she said, "gettin' busy." (heehee) Me, too, Ruby. Me, too.


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