got uncomfortable situation with your four year old?

James was curled up next to me this morning with a faraway look in his eyes and a small smile on his lips.

S: What are you thinking about buddy?
J: Golden training wheels for my bike. And when you go faster they sparkle.

(tender pause, me thinking how perfect this kid is)

J: And your nipples. Can I see them?
S: (laughing) No. Why?
J: I want to see that milk.
S: There's not much left and only Ruby can get it out.
J: If I squeeze it really hard then the milk will fly out and hit Patrick's face (sleeping next to us) and he will drink it. hahahahhahahahha
S: ha. ha. ha. Let's go have breakfast. Do you want an apple cinnamon bar?
J: The ones with raisins?
S: yeah.
J: sure.
(slight pause)
J: And a glass of your milk.


  1. Uhh . . . ok, that freaks me out. Too funny.

  2. Oh zoinkies. Kids! Iris asks to nurse once in a while, I am like, um, no. Sorry kid, your time has expired!

  3. I like that you are up there with gold wheels;)

  4. This made me laugh out loud. Thanks for a great start to my day!

  5. I want sparkly gold training wheels, too!


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