graduation day

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Ruby is napping and James is playing outside with Jenna...what a nice midday break. I am hoping to leave as soon as Ruby gets up to find a few plants and some mulch for this weekend.

James' graduation was great. It was very sweet and he had fun. They gave each child a personalized yearbook of their activities and we have looked at it so many times already.

I decided I had better take advantage of my last morning with only one child so I brought Ruby to the thrift store with me yesterday. We had such a nice time. I found quite a few books for them and Ruby conned me into a stuffed chicken. I am definitely planning any public/errand type outing for the morning this summer, instead of our lunchtime/after preschool outings of late. Nap time & lunch time errands do not make for a happy toddler. Hmmmm...when will I remember these simplest of lessons?

I really enjoyed my T/Th mornings home with Ruby during the school year, they were nice and quiet and (mostly) very sweet. She plays so differently on her own...much calmer and stays focused for longer without James around tempting or taunting her into something else. It was really fun to see that and have that time with her. I am also looking forward to a no-regular-commitment summer, though, and am happy to have James around a little more.

I have some goals for the weekend that I wanted to put in writing. Here they are:

  • plant 2 new perennials in front, under overhang
  • start filling in with rocks under overhang
  • mow lawn
  • mulch perennial beds
  • stuff to dump tomorrow morning
  • stuff on craigslist TONIGHT (jet, bed, newer little people collection)
  • stuff on ebay/etsy (at least 5 items)
  • resist dig & save even though I really want to go there and, who am I kidding, probably will so nevermind
  • find training wheels (gold or black) for the little bike our neighbor is letting us use
  • baby & birthday gifts delivered to our neighbors
  • sew 2 baby dolls
  • watch movie with Patrick
  • hike with family
  • church
  • baby stuff brought to church
  • stay caught up on laundry
  • pay bills & balance checkbook (now I'm just being ridiculous)
  • get groceries

More pics over on flickr, have a great weekend! xoxo


  1. I'm totally inspired by your list! MUST WRITE ON NOW! Is it unfair to write your partners list too? Hope it all gets done . . . wish I could meet you at dig n save(sigh)

  2. Have a great weekend...and good luck with that list, it's LONG.


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