help, I'm locked in the house with a 2 year old

I'm super busy this morning ordering Mother's Day pictures (except for my mom...get on that, mom, will ya?), filling out preschool paperwork (we decided to switch James to the new local one after visiting on Saturday), tending to my blistered thumb (it was swollen and tender by last night so I put some triple antibiotic cream on it and it felt better within an hour...amazing), playing with Ruby (sorry no Ruby's Tuesday yet, too busy), making dinner (perhaps our last beef stew of the season), and making my list of errands. whew.

Ruby is wailing and gnashing her teeth at my feet. She is like a little Tasmanian devil. Please share all stories of how your 2 year old daughter was just OUTRAGEOUS and then came out of it. She goes from 0 to PISSED in .5 seconds and rushes at whoever made her mad to bite them. She just threw some containers that were making her mad down the stairs and rushed back to me to shout, "I THROWED IT, MOM!" sigh. I now feel that need that nearly every mother feels to insert here how much I love her and how, so often, she is still sweet and so much fun. sigh. She just has this other that old Golden Book..."and when she was bad she was awful." :) I actually have quite a few friends with girls that have passed this milestone and they have all been wonderful about letting me know that this is normal and to be expected and to just hang in there. That helps so much, so thanks guys. xoxo

(see? she just crawled up on my lap, totally calm, and is coloring on my to do list. If I took the pen away it would hit the fan, but right now she's content.) have a good one!


  1. I promise you'll survive Ruby's double trouble, but you might need to start coloring your hair. At least they are cute . . . . .

  2. Don't take the pen away! Don't take the pen away! Don't take the pen away!!!!

    Just think of going out tonight!

  3. Oh the joys of 2 year olds! :) I have to agree with least they are irresistably cute!


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