it's been a while...

Or, it feels like it, anyways.

James is over with the neighbor girls, having a snack. Rachel called to make sure he could have plain popcorn...she kept some out for him. Ruby is napping. I just got up a while ago, when James said Jenna was outside again and could he go? I thought it had been about 15 minutes since I laid down and it turned out I slept for an hour! Love that. James just burst in the front door asking (hollering) if he could go with Rachel to the bus stop to pick Jilly up from school. It's fun that we're all out of hibernation again. Ruby & I got to go for a walk with Michelle & Ella on Saturday afternoon, too. Ella and Ruby are nearly the same age and it was so cute to hear Ruby calling, "Hey Ella!" in her deep little baby voice.

We were outside all morning and had a good time. It's gorgeous out and I got quite a bit done in the little side garden. We're going to need more edge bricks. A couple of years ago my Dad sent 2 peony plants for Ruby & I's birthdays. Patrick kept mowing the one down last year so we bought another one and now we see that the original is coming back up this year and there are like 4 shoots of it coming up, too.

I am kind of rattling on, eh? I want to get back outside but I got a big blister on my thumb from digging. All that darn grass was hard to get out of the garden. (Patrick dug it last year but we never planted much...Mom, I can't find the holly hocks. :( )


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