checking in

keeping myself honest...

* plant 2 new perennials in front, under overhang (well, yes, I did plant two but I ended up buying 10 so I have a lot more to do)
* start filling in with rocks under overhang (nope)
* mow lawn (hopefully tomorrow)
* mulch perennial beds (one out of two finished and I love it)
* stuff to dump tomorrow morning (yup!)
* stuff on craigslist TONIGHT (jet, bed, newer little people collection) (2 out of 3 posted tonight)
* stuff on ebay/etsy (at least 5 items) (nope)
* resist dig & save even though I really want to go there and, who am I kidding, probably will so nevermind (yeah...I went yesterday)
* find training wheels (gold or black) for the little bike our neighbor is letting us use (yup, he's up and running!)
* baby & birthday gifts delivered to our neighbors (tomorrow)
* sew 2 baby dolls (? tomorrow)
* watch movie with Patrick (later)
* hike with family (yup!)
* church (yup!)
* baby stuff brought to church (nope...will have to be next sunday)
* stay caught up on laundry (so far, so good)
* pay bills & balance checkbook (now I'm just being ridiculous) (paid bills, now going to balance)
* get groceries (nope) (we're all pretty hungry) :)

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekends (if in the US) and remembering our veterans in some way. They wanted all vets to stand up in church this morning and of course Patrick wouldn't because he is so shy. I loved seeing all the men & women standing up looking so proud.

James is still awake in his room even though he is exhausted. He had a strenuous day of biking (his training wheels are kind of heavy...will bulk up his thighs, patrick says) and is kind of beside himself. I am off to cuddle him a little so he will fall asleep and we can have our ice cream. ;) xoxo


  1. Oh boy, I don't think I could handle the stress of posting my to do list--not because it is long or hard to get through, but because I promised myself that I was going to enjoy my holida--and I would feel guilty!!

  2. Good JOB!!! That was a long list and you did lots of it.


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