little aaron is here

IMG_5628_BW, originally uploaded by lmnop88a.

The very exciting news around these parts is that Kate had her baby!!! Yay! A new baby to meet...I can't wait to ditch my own kids this evening and go check on them. They are doing well after a super fast delivery that left the little buddy all bruised up. (Ruby's head was bruised because she came out so fast as well. Ah, memories.) His name is Aaron and she said he has so much hair that you can part it. I actually had a dream about them this morning...that we were walking around the farmer's market and I was holding him and kept asking Kate if she wanted him back because I felt like I was hogging him. heheheheee. Fun. xoxoxo

p.s. this picture is NOT aaron, it is from a very talented photographer I found in the flickr creative commons pool.


  1. Oh Man!! I was thinking what a cute photo, how did they get that already?


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