little Aaron

I got to hold this little bundle all morning. He is just the sweetest little boy and Kate is absolutely over the moon for's so much fun seeing her this happy. I'm so thankful this transition is off to such a good start. Natalie is just as smitten about her baby brother.

My mom will be here any minute and we can't wait. We haven't seen her since Easter!

I told my mom recently that I am losing track of all the cute things my two say to each other lately. Ruby is composing longer sentences and sharing more complex thoughts every's hard to keep up! I must start jotting them down.

My mind is scattered and I think I just want to go relax with a book for a few minutes. I'm not sure if I'll be back before Monday...if not, have a great weekend! xoxo


  1. He looks like my babies looked!

  2. He is so cute, sweet, big... I am glad Kate is happy. Thank you for the photos!


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