punishment starts with PEE

I just went downstairs and couldn't see Ruby so I started calling out for her. After a couple requests she came rushing out from behind the curtains clutching a bag of animal crackers. "Here! Here, Mom! Sor-u." (that's how her "sorry" sounds.) busted.

Okay, so, the peeing.

Last Thursday & Friday were HARD days for James. First, he kicked me at the zoo. Then he tried to lure Ruby into giving him her finger in the van so he could yank on it. (mission failed, thanks to my quick motherly instincts) Then on Friday morning he got REALLY mad at me because I wouldn't let him eat a
pop tart in the living room. (I will not apologize or justify the fact that occasional pop tarts are eaten in our home, even though I really want to.) He went upstairs to go to the bathroom and I followed him up to get something out of my room. He kept hollering about the darn pop tart so I walked in there and told him he could talk about the pop tart all day, in his room, but it wasn't going to change the fact that he had to eat it in the kitchen. He said, "I'm just going to pee all over in here. huh!" I said, "That's your decision, James, don't worry about what the consequence will be." As I turned away, he began to whip his little thing back and forth in front of him, spraying a stream of pee from the tub on the right to the scale on the left. "huh!" he shouted. "Huh?" I yelped. I quickly recovered and got down the spray bottle of vinegar. I told him to start cleaning. He was wailing at this point, saying he wouldn't, so I told him he could wait in his room until he was ready to clean it up. He grabbed the bottle and the rag and started cleaning. I made him clean it all, through much protesting how gross it was (um, no kidding), from the floor to the rim. And then it was over. Until later when he opened the oven door when it was ON and I was upstairs and I couldn't keep him in his room because HE had removed the doorknob earlier during his quiet time. sigh. (the door knob removal was not because he was trying to get out or being naughty, he just happened to have a screw driver in there and thought it would be fun to try and I haven't had to lock his door in so long that it didn't immediately bother me.)

So, that's the story of James using his pee against me for the first time. Between Ruby being kind of awful for the earlier part of last week, then James being awful for those two days, I was SO READY for my mother's day gift on Saturday. I left before James got up Saturday morning (Ruby got up early and wanted to nurse a little before I left...just to remind me who's really in charge) and got home after they were both in bed that night. It was wonderful. Thank you, Patrick. And now they are both back to pretty much normal. Ruby is still getting really mad, really fast, and has taken to hitting babies with bats and rushing at my legs for a chomp, but is mostly her adorable little self.

I need some more coffee and want to check the forecast. Have a good morning!


  1. I wonder what Supernanny would say about that pee business...I would have done exactly what you did.

    I'm awfully glad you had a good Mother's Day.

  2. I hope that if Elijah ever does that I will remember what you did so that I have something to do instead of just yelling;)


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