she's two

she's two, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

Ruby is two today...happy birthday, my little reebit!

I need to make time to record some things about her last year. For all the drama lately, I can't even imagine my life or our family without this little treasure. Ruby, you are perfect to your mama, any & every way you are. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

p.s. lots more pictures (onto the second page) on flickr.


  1. Oh my gosh. She's TWO?!?! And as cute as can be!

    Happy Birthday Ruby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what's Ruby's middle name? i woke up in a start, thinking it may be the same one i'm leaning to for Rosy's first name. forgive me if it is???

  3. OK you did not let me comment on the no comment one so I am commenting here. I am SOOOO with you!!! I LOVE getting comments and am sad (just a little) and a little mad at myself (because I think that maybe I am writing dumb stuff that no one wants to read) when I do not get them.

    Boy I hope that your friend was not talking about me... I think we all feel that we talk about our kids to much.

    OK now that I have written a book on our blog I have to go... Sorry for running on and on, but it is sorta me;)


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