My keys and camera are locked in the van. I guess we really are staying home today and not documenting anything fun or cute. Like all of us sitting at the table drinking coffee this morning. Or Ruby feeding her tiny doll play-doh yogurt. Or the awesome new bushes we planted this weekend. (thanks Ann & Keith!!)

Patrick and I had our sitter come on Saturday so we could help dig up the bushes from Ann & Keith's house without our kidlets. Patrick went ahead of me because Kelsey couldn't come until 10. (she wanted to go to her little brother's baseball game...awwww, she is so awesome.) They were done digging by the time I got there so we headed to the Original Pancake House for a long, leisurely lunch, just the two of us. Then we went to the bookstore for a bit and just enjoyed the lovely day outside. When we got home at 2:30 the kids were totally ready for a nap. We each took one and met back in our room 10 minutes later, alone once again! We high fived and took naps ourselves. How did we score not one but TWO kid-free periods in one day?! Awesome. James and I got up at 5 and Ruby and Patrick slept until nearly 6. Then we had dinner and ended up at Home Depot at 8pm. That is so out of our range of normal. We were walking through the dripping outdoor area with the kids running ahead of us and Patrick commented how fun it was, this having 2 older kids thing. It's getting a bit easier and we are really appreciating that.

Sunday was yard work, mowing for me and digging for Patrick. We had James' preschool picnic at 4 and then left that at 5:30 to go to the 6 o' clock church service. I was so tired during church. I laid my head on Patrick's shoulder and came dangerously close to nodding off. They are stopping our favorite 4:30 service for the summer so I told Patrick we have to go in the morning or it will be pointless as I just can't focus at the very end of the day.

As a random aside, one thing that is very nice about having no fences and yards butting up to each other is that when your neighbor does something nice by the lot line it's like you get it, too! Love that. Anyways, later dudes. xoxo


  1. It was great to talk to you today. Have a nice one!

  2. What a productive day! Big ol' high five (or ten) for two kid free periods--so cool. I bet it is so nice to see both your kiddos ding more and more independent--though it might be bittersweet too.

  3. Holly - um, a little, sometimes (bittersweet) depending on my mood. :) It is nice to have us seem more like a family of 4 who can do stuff together than 3 of us and a baby. That was great, too, but this is a good change.


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