I accidentally turned comments off. I toyed with the idea last night but once I got all that off my chest I realized I didn't want to, at all. But I forgot to turn them back on. :)

good morning! back later...


  1. I check out your blog all the time but never leave comments. I feel kind of silly leaving comments because I don't have a blog and I wasn't sure if you'd think I was some kind of stalker or something. I found you through another blog I like to read a lot. I feel like your life mirrors mine but you have a funny spin on things and make it sound interesting. Your family looks lovely. Keep on blogging about yourself and your kids, you have a lot to be thankful for and proud of so why not tell everyone. And from the looks of your comments, many others feel the same way about you. I check out many blogs on a daily basis and yours is one of my favorites. :)


  2. Erica! You just made my nose tickle. Thank you so much for saying hi and all that nice stuff. Please don't ever feel like you have to comment now or I'll be mad or something, okay? :) I'm just so happy to be able to say hi! Thank you. xoxo

  3. I always enjoy checking in with you, though I may not leave a comment each time--I do read just about every post. Your efforts at Earth Mothering inspire me, because I am sooooo not--but it's interesting to me still and I might try something here and there.

    I get you on the comments and all the mixed feelings about when they're up and when they're down--comments=happy therefore no comments=doesn't anyone hear me, don't they like me? I feel that way too, even though it might be silly and "Why can't I sit at the cool table?"--I think we can always feel that way(to some degree) no matter how old we get.

  4. Me again. I forgot to say that I get upset when my friends in real life tell me they read, or they mention something I had posted about, but they don't leave a comment. What's up with that?

  5. I'll 'fess up here - I read your blog pretty regularly. However, even though I know you know I read it, I feel weirdly like I'm looking into a part of your life that I shouldn't. Like as a real life friend I should respect the boundary of your blog life. Does that even make sense?

    Because of that, I don't really comment much. I feel like I'm imposing somehow. But if you're cool with it (I hope you are!) I'll comment more. :)

  6. Holly - Thanks for getting what I was saying. I always read your blog, too, and don't comment that often and sometimes feel guilty and then put off saying hi again because I feel dumb. :) I really didn't want anyone to feel like they need to comment more over here. As far as the real friends thing...it doesn't really bother me when they don't comment just because I know they're as busy as I am. Then it's a total treat when they do. :)

    Vicki - You're never imposing over here. I sometimes talk about stuff we never talk about in real life, mainly because we don't have the time, but it's nothing I wouldn't want to share with you. (I love when you comment but same goes for you...I know we have lots to do! and lots of other blogs to read. ;) ) But it is fun that you have a blog now...I'm really enjoying that, too. Okay, long email-type comment ending now.



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