yup, still here

I didn't have internet access at all yesterday. Turns out I could have just switched the modem off and then back on and it would have been back online but oh well. I got some more planting done and have really been having fun with that.

I don't have much time right now but did put some pictures up on flickr from the last couple of days.

I am now in planning mode regarding my daughter...I'd like to be playing offense with her, not defense, so I need to get my parenting ducks in a row. These rough periods usually sneak up on me and I have to take some time to be stunned and complain about it before I get my act together. This will not beat me!! haha. (and the complaining will not entirely cease...it feels too good to have others tell me this sounds familiar and will pass.)

This post is drier than plain toast. (sorry for the rhyme, it came out of nowhere and I had to use it.) Have a swell day, xoxo.


  1. Man, love and logic was working REALLY well with Jack. Then things got crazy busy and I fell off the wagon and we are back to, well, hell.


  2. I realized, reading this, that certain phases of behavior and my response to them crept up on me too over the years.
    I would discover that I had been operating defensively, suddenly, and step back and re-think.
    The joys of parenthood.


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