anyone else?

Did anyone else see this on Bloglines this Sunday? It had a message that they were down and this was the background. It's now my desktop background...makes me happy.

We arrived home from a fun morning at the park and there was a camera on my door step. Yay! But it was the wrong one. boo hiss. Best Buy shipped another one and it should be here by the end of the week. I hope so!

So, pooping aside, it's been a pretty nice day. I had lots of little crap (haha) to write about but lost my momentum after I had to sit on the phone with BB for a half an hour. Maybe tomorrow will be better for blogging. We did have a really nice weekend and I got a lot of fun projects done around here.

I guess before I wrap this up I want to link to some happy stuff:

First of all, welcome sweet little Rosy. Yay! Congratulations to Ellen, John & Sophie. She is so sweet.

This idea for decorating a birthday cake is adorable.

I really want to try this pizza crust recipe.

We froze grapes like Holly suggested and it was a good time. James loved putting them on kabobs.

Alright, there was more but I am forgetting.

*James is not allowed to say he hates stuff so he is now saying he "hs" stuff. Or "ls" (loves) it, which I prefer. He also told me that our town was stuck in his B-O-T on the way home. Um, it's B-U-T-T first of all, and second of all, no, it's not. I was there this morning and it was all clear, buddy.


  1. I saw that on bloglines!

    Off to congratulate!


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