the barrels have landed

We finally have our rain barrels. Monday's pick up didn't happen so I got them yesterday before Ruby's 2 year check up. Yay! They are big and white and stink like vinegar. (that's okay, I'm glad to know they clean them in a good way) We have lots of rain scheduled this week so hopefully we'll get them installed for some of it. I'm just glad they're here, my little barrel babies.

Ruby's appointment went well. Well, aside from our doctor being an hour and a half behind and us almost leaving. They gave me a $10 gift card for a gas station to make up for it. weird. Anyways, she jumped up to the 22nd percentile for weight which was amazing because our kids have always hovered around the 5th percentile. Patrick and I thought she's felt heavier lately...she's about 24.5 lbs now! I guess all that coffee she drinks isn't stunting her growth after all. :) One of her canines broke through over the weekend (all the night wakings explained, mom) and the other 3 are this close. Gonna be a fun week! At least she's been sleeping through again the last couple nights. It's funny how tired I felt after 3 nights of her waking up again. It's only been a couple months that she's been consistently sleeping through but I hadn't realized how much more awake I've felt until it was taken away.

We were all exhausted after our 2+ hour doctor visit and the kids both fell asleep on the way home. It was a nice afternoon.

I'm not sure what today holds but I think we are going outside for a while now while it's not raining. xoxo


  1. She's as big as Sophie! And congrats on the canines. I won't soon forget their arrival. I'm finally going to get something in the mail for you this week. It must happen before baby, eh? Else it will never get to you.

  2. A $10 gas card? LOL That is beyond wierd.

  3. Way to go Ruby!!!

    Glad you got the rain barrels, we LOVE ours, rain rain rain.... well wait until after everyone is done playing;)

  4. Whenever I see or hear the words rain barrel I am transported back to childhood and remember singing that song playmates.


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