buh-bye, duluth.

I was planning on being home on Tuesday (because our babysitter can come on Wednesday) but we have met our fun limit and are heading back tomorrow. Actually, we've had a wonderful time. Ruby has just had a fever the whole time we've been here and sleeping with her & James every night has left me like a zombie. I want my kids in their beds, me in our bed, and my husband walking in the front door after work. Ah, the good life.

We got to have dinner with my brother & Erin, celebrate Rachel's graduation (with ruby clinging to me for the first 3 hours like a baby monkey), spend lots of time with gram & gramps (with and without ruby clinging to me like a baby monkey), see favorite cousins & aunties (& uncles), eat lots of ice cream (she had no problem doing this on her own), wander around my dad's gorgeous yard (also popular), get caught in rain storms, stare at the lake, scooter all over, throw lots of rocks in the lake, splash in puddles, walk over the lift bridge, spend a relaxing evening at the beach (haha, mom)...so much fun. But, man, what felt like a mini vacation is now feeling like a marathon. (oh yeah...it was Grandma's Marathon weekend, too!) (Holly, I kept thinking about you!) :)

I'll probably be back on Tuesday. xoxo


  1. Boy are we happy to have you coming back!!! Glad you had a good time, sorry about Ruby being so sick/clingy.

    OH and I LOVE the photo of James and the sky.

  2. Yuck! Sorry about the fever. Glad they had a nice time at the beach--those sands look much nicer than Galveston.

    Maybe someday I'll make it to Grandma's Marathon. I think it's one of the oldest, right? As long as you don't have to qualify (like Boston) maybe I have a chance!

  3. Gosh - that photo in the middle, with the clouds, is great.

    Safe home...


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