ha, had you fooled!

Turns out I'm only 37 this year! I realized that at the park this afternoon, after thinking that my husband and Heidi were both wrong today, calling me 37. hehehehehhee. I will have to scratch something off of my list, I guess.

My morning went back and forth between lovely & hectic until we just got out of the house. I felt awful for being mean to my kids while I talked on the phone all morning, so I was kind of crabby/guilty when we left. We met Susan & Heidi for lunch at a park and had such a nice time...thanks, guys. And then Susan gave me some Dove chocolates! And then James said he saw something Amazing! and we had to come and see...and it was amazing. It was a big snapping turtle under the picnic shelter. Heidi called the Humane Society and they called the police (that's their procedure). The policeman came and said, "Yup, that's a turtle."
my peony, this morning (after I found my camera)
the turtle, with snack provided by Heidi
ruby & the turtle
yup, that's a turtle, alright.
miss willah and her mama...note heidi's lovely mother's necklace...I want one
it's so sad to see what gets caught in these commercial soccer nets.
miss ruby, with the horrible new doll that Kate gave her for her birthday (it doesn't stop mewling...ever) (but does, thankfully, have a shut off)
my peony, this afternoon

James has been being really sweet to me all day, suggesting a hoe down party and making breakfast for him and Ruby. (microwaved sausage links) Ruby took a nap on the way to the park but just did over an hour quiet time in her crib with her dollies. I thought she might go to sleep but no such luck. It's alright, I had a little break.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, even though I'm a liar. :) xoxo


  1. Ruby looks like a little wild thing today.
    That dolly isn't SO bad.

  2. OK, this is your horrible friend who left you messages on your phones wishing you a happy 38th Bday! I know you are a year younger than me!! (lucky you by the way)

    I hope your birthday was as wonderful as you!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! :) Peonies are one of my favorite flowers....especially pale pink ones!

  4. What a fun day! Good thing I didn't actually try to pick that turtle up . . . I was seriously considering it. That baby looks pretty whiney, Piper have one just like it that says "Mama" and the batteries never DIE!

  5. Happy Belated b-day by one day Steph!! :)

  6. It's like an extra special gift--taking off that year.

    Happy, happy birthday Steph.!!

    The peony is beautiful, the turtle is somewhat intimidating though.

  7. Poop. I completely spaced on your birthday! Hope you had a fun day (turtle and all)!


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