happy friday

Robin's eggs, originally uploaded by gargoylesoftware.

We are off to the park to see some sorely missed friends after I water about 1,000,000 of my neighbor's flowers. Patrick didn't kill anything last week but my plants weren't exactly thriving when I got home. I am taking this watering for Rachel very seriously. It is supposed to rain later but her baskets are touchy and I'd hate to lose one on my watch.

Plus, she has baby birds in her front hanging basket and Robin's eggs in her back one...how fun is that?

(sound familiar, Denise?) :)


  1. Wow - just about every Wisconsin blogger has some sort of bird in a hanging basket - if so, why do we all still have so many mosquitoes!??!?!?! ;) Ha. Our doves are getting big and starting to 'perch'. So much fun!

    I keep waiting for the rain that they say is coming every night when I check the weather before I go to bed...and then each morning the forecast magically changes to - oh, wait, not TODAY, did we say today? We meant TOMORROW. So water away. Maybe it will actually rain then! :)


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