holy crap

My kids have this routine that I tend to forget about if our mornings haven't been routine for a while.

They have just finished eating and I am putting the final touches on my own breakfast...vanilla yogurt with bananas and mini strawberries from our neighbor's yard. I make a beeline for the loveseat and am stopped dead in my tracks by James hollering, "I'm do-one" from the bathroom. sigh. It never fails that I forget my kids are after breakfast poopers. I shoot a look over my shoulder at Ruby as I head up the stairs to help my eldest wipe his bum. Nah, I think.

I enter the bathroom and James tells me he loves me, a lot. I check his work and hear Ruby yell, "I'm sorry, mom." I run downstairs. Ruby is standing by the couch, pee leaking from the legs of her pajamas. Inside the pajamas is another story. A dark, stinky story...she didn't have a diaper on. I bring her up to the bathroom, shoving all thoughts of my breakfast to the side so as not to foul the experience when I do get to it.

Anyone else? No, really. I haven't eaten yet and am not planning on attempting to until lunch. Just holler if you need me!


  1. I'll just remind you what a great mom you are!!! I saw the title of your post and thought to myself, uh oh .... it's going to a be a good one. :)
    No diaper for Rubes? ... as in you are potty training? That is fantastic. I hope I didn't already know that. Sometimes the world passes by me and I don't see it.
    I hope you are able to enjoy your breakfast soon and that your lunch is eaten shortly after you make it today.
    Hope to see you soon!!!

  2. Ohh! That sucks. Tomorrow will be better and Wen will be EVEN better (as you get it off;)

  3. yes yes yes!!! this is us to a "t" - especially the "i'm Do-ONE!"
    it's always when i'm working with or just about to eat food as well.
    i feel your pain! :)

  4. Oh, no potty training, just occasionally underwear free. :)

    Thanks for reminding me, Zoe. Yay, Wednesday!

    Thanks for commiserating, Liz. :)


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