in bloom

Late yesterday afternoon I received 2 phone calls in a row warning me of some baaaaaad weather headed our way. Thank you Zoe & Oliver. I knew it was raining but not that there was a tornado just past the next town over. I turned on the TV and the kids and I watched it until the power went out. At that point we gathered up some candles, snacks and blankets and headed to the basement. Luckily the huge hail and tornado missed us (the tornado never made it to our town) and all we had around here was some more wind damage (not us) and flooding (again, thankfully, not us.) Patrick got home a while later, claiming the roads were fine, and proceeded to heat dinner up with a propane torch as the power was still out. See, I would have just made some sandwiches...this is why dads are so much more fun than moms. :)
I had plans to go see Sex & The City with some friends but figured we'd cancel due to weather. I called Ann about a half hour before we were supposed to meet and her husband said she had just left. Nothing was keeping that woman from her movie!! So I threw some pants on and got in the car. The weather really was fine by then, most of the bad stuff had passed us and was headed North. Kate brought little Aaron and we all enjoyed the movie. I didn't love it although there were parts that I loved. I'm not sure if A) I'm just over that show or B) It didn't translate well (for me) to the big screen. The few shocking sex scenes seemed really out of place within the overall softer story line of the movie...I don't know, maybe it was just me?

Ruby woke up from her nap yesterday with a fever. She's still a little warm today and pretty moody. (I am really hoping she is all better later on so we can still go to MKE tomorrow. Sybil, I'll call you later...)I myself am also moody and was stuck in indecision about our day for most of the morning. I finally decided to clean the bathroom, bring in some flowers (I'm cutting some of my blooms this year...I want them inside, too!), and take a shower. Oh, and blog. And have more coffee. So, yeah, I'm feeling better now. Still not sure what we're going to do but at least I'm ready for whatever it is.
During the torrential down pours yesterday my larger peony decided to open. I'm going to get some support for her today, pretty girl. I also love the blue flowers that bloomed by the mailbox and have some hollyhocks coming up in the back already, Mom! fun.


  1. What did he warm up with the blow torch? That makes me laugh.

    Glad the storm missed you.


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