is it monday in here or is it just me?

Patrick took the camera to work today to see if he could fix it. I've dropped that camera so many times since we got it, 2 years ago, and it's always been fine. This last time, I dropped it on the beach, in the sand. And then? Not so fine. We'll see what he can do. I am almost hoping it can't be fixed because the tiny blue one on the way to me is so darn cute!

Anyways. Today has been good/not so good/good. Aren't most days like this? Mine are. Ruby just did an awful lot of screaming and whining for no good reason all morning. Maybe her gums are inflamed and she has an ear infection or something but really, how the heck am I supposed to know that? She just kills me sometimes. She did have a hard time last night, waking up around 11:30 and not wanting to go back to sleep. We finally brought her in our room and told her to close her eyes and go to sleep. She did. Huh? We were watching a movie on the laptop, set up with headphones and all, and she just closed her eyes and went to sleep. cough faker cough

After she finally went down for her nap today I made James stay in his room for a half an hour so I could read and have a popsicle. Once I collected myself I asked him come outside with me to the pmp* and we drew with some oil pastel crayons I found yesterday and then he painted a bird house. Then we did some Origami (cup good, hat good, fox face stopped me cold), he played in the sandbox and I read. What a nice afternoon.

I set the pool up this morning but my delicate flower would have nothing to do with it. She wanted to sit on my lap. sigh. James loved it and played for a long time in the freeeeezing cold water. I planted a bunch of Iris & Lupine that I brought back from Duluth. (thanks Dad!) Hmmmm. What else? Oh yeah! My morning glory flowers are amazing me. Most of you have probably had climbing plants before but I haven't. I gave them stakes yesterday morning and a few hours later they had wrapped their little selves around flipping beautiful and amazing. I think they're going to need something larger. Like a ladder.

*poor man's patio

**photo from the archives


  1. Your PMP is pretty cool!!

    Glad y'all are enjoying being outside. Do you have an origami book for kids? I haven't tried anything like that with A. yet, but I might. Sounds fun.


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