38 things

james & thomas in key west, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

that I'm thankful for, in love with, crazy about...(in no particular order)

  • iced coffee with vanilla creamer
  • first peony bloom opening this morning (it felt like a little happy birthday wish from God)
  • my kidlets
  • patrick xoxoxo
  • the smell of our upstairs in the summer
  • sleeping with the windows open
  • thin & silky cotton pajamas
  • chapstick
  • our home, the fact that we have one and the home itself
  • dirt under my finger nails (this will pass, I think)
  • my neighborhood and neighbors
  • good books
  • road trips (we plan on taking the kids on one for the first time, a big one, in the summer of 2010)
  • diet coke from a gas station fountain with ice & lemon
  • the east coast, especially with my sister
  • my family
  • turtle sundaes from Michaels
  • a clean kitchen in the morning
  • being outside with my kids
  • the handful of things I understand about my husband that help to make our marriage so good
  • all the funny people in my life
  • my friends, near and far
  • sitting on front steps or porches
  • dreams
  • really good, uninterrupted sleep
  • the fact that I am not pregnant
  • barnes & noble
  • the hidden potential of thrift stores, flea markets, rummage sales
  • the huge leafy trees lining my drive to madison
  • making stuff for myself and others
  • babysitters
  • sitting down to a good tv show, preferably with a bowl of popcorn
  • all the wonderful vacations I've been on
  • laughing about old fights with Patrick
  • patrick imitating me
  • red grapes
  • flip flops (I still want some fit flops)
  • all the pictures I've taken (none today...can't find my camera!)
38 candles this year! xoxox


  1. Happy Birthday! So many great things to be thankful for. :)

  2. Hapde Burfday! The not pregnant bit makes me laugh.

  3. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday--to YOU,
    Happy Birthday, dear Stephanie,
    (amd m-a-n-y M O R E!!!)

  4. Happy Birthday!!! And can we talk about how much James looks like your brother? I thought it was some creepy age progression shot. Save that pic for when James has his own tiny bean- weird how genetics work!!

  5. Man I am a sucky friend I forgot today was your b-day!

    HAPPY B-DAY. And listen to your messages!!!!;)

  6. Happy birthday you goofy kid.


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