love, friday edition

love, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I put some new pictures up on flickr this morning. I have a lot of stuff to say but haven't found the energy to do so. It's been a good week...full of planting seeds and pulling weeds, hanging out with friends & neighbors, sleeping (or trying to) with Ruby's body curled around my head or her little face mashed into mine(my nose by your nose, she whispered), feeling so overwhelmed by my love for James at dinner last night that I could hardly breathe for a minute, quiet late night discussions with my silly husband, lots of splashing and even more relaxing.

I wish you all a good weekend, see you next week. xoxo


  1. You have a good weekend, too! My poor guy has been dying for me to break away from my desk and spend some wuality time with him--and that is JUST what I plan to do!

  2. Few things are more fun than puddles, at least to little ones. Glad you've had a pretty good week--and congrats on those rain barrels.

  3. Is that mud they are playing in. It looks so fun :)


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