the night shift

I think I'm going to start blogging in the evenings for the summer...and probably more sporadically. I just wanted to give my mom fair warning. :)

So, hopefully I'll be back later this evening. Here is a photo from dinner Friday night...when I took the kids out to eat by myself. ?! Where did that come from? It went really well...we were in and out in just over a half an hour. James is totally in love with Pina Coladas ...non-alcoholic, of course.



  1. I love the pina colada!!! Smart James.

  2. Does he like getting caught in the rain, too? :D

  3. I wish every drink came with a little umbrella. :)

  4. Mmmm--pina colada sounds good right now!

  5. They are so good. With a shot of blackberry goo...even better. ;)


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