quick change

I bought a pair of pants at Old Navy last Easter weekend when we were at the Mall of America. They fit cute on top but had these long, huge legs that weren't working for me. I got them anyways because they were like $6 and I knew I could cut them off. The problem was...the cuffs were my favorite part of the pants! They folded up to reveal this pretty pale blue fabric that looked so cool against the grey of the pants. sigh. But cut them off I did. I saved those cuffs, though, and also this weird tie thingy that had been around the waist band. (I don't really need to worry about my pants falling off. ha!)

(the pants)

Yesterday I turned those 2 cuffs & tie into a little tote bag. It took me about 15 minutes (plus 15 more deciding how I wanted it to look) and I love it. Love it like I've never loved anything.
(the tote)

I'm kidding, but it was fun.(the pants & tote together, just in case you missed what was going on here)

What trash or scraps have you turned into something cool? Do tell!


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  2. ROCK ON with yo bad self!!


    Great job girlie


  3. have you seen that tutorial on how to hem jeans? I am thinking that would have worked on those pants too, and saved the cuffs.

    Too little too late though, eh? LOL

    Maybe for the future.

  4. First off I love the new header. Have I missed it for awhile? I have been reading on Bloglines so might have missed it.

    Second I love the bag!!! Great idea!!! Way cute. Can't wait to see it. We can be the bag ladies hee hee hee.

  5. LOVE IT! Awesome that you transformed a pair of too long pants into a coordinated outfit! You're my penny pinching hero . . .

  6. Way to think outside the pants!

    Very cool.

  7. I did a bunch of mending today.
    Who does that anymore? I can't throw things out because they are torn!
    I fixed two pairs of pajama pants for Oldest, a shirt seam, K's robe and altered a dress.

    I'm feeling pretty smug.

    Cute tote!

  8. Fantastic repurpose project!

    Happy belated birthday you great lady!!

    Sorry it's been ages since I've come 'round - find myself less interested in blogs these days, more interested in flickr...as you know ;-)


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