so much for that.

So much for evening blogging, eh? I sewed for a while last night and then got sucked into reading blogs*. At 9:45 I finally had to shut her down and read my book for a while. I just put on The Letter Factory for the kids to watch and James hollered up, "Mom, this is really special for me & Ruby." hahaha. Absence does makes the heart grow fonder. (they haven't watched tv all morning...forever, right?)

Ruby is in day 2 of a phase that I like to call, oh, SOMEONE KILL ME NOW!!!! It's like she swallowed something bad and the only way to get it out is by screaming. Over and over. And crying. And being naughty. Oh, the blog posts I have composed in my head the last 2 days. I am so glad I have some self control or you all would be calling CPS on me, or at the very least, upping my dose.

Despite my daughter, I have had a pretty good couple days. Before I get ahead of myself though, a few things from ye olde mental archives:

James asked me last week to take his training wheels off. I said no, I was putting Ruby to bed and couldn't help him. He asked Patrick, Patrick took them off, and he learned to ride! Just like that! He is still shaky and steers into the grass a lot but he's doing it. We were very proud. Good thing Patrick is more supportive than I am.

We missed the shower on Saturday as Ruby was up all Friday night with a super high fever. She was warm for most of the day on Saturday but woke up from a 4 hour nap back to normal. We went out for a drive Saturday evening and had big fun.

J: What does that sign say, Dad?
P: It says Stop Talking.

(a while later)

J: What does that one say?
P: Stop Picking Your Nose.


Patrick stopped at Walgreens so I could pick up a Ped Egg. Heidi had been raving about it and my feet were in desperate need of some tlc.

P: Is that for your scallops?
S: You mean CALLOUS? (duh!)

I proceeded to shave my feet as we drove along and it was pretty gross but satisfying. (for me anyways, Patrick was kind of sick about it all, yet strangely interested, too.)

Okay, that's all the funny I've got right now. Before I move on, this needs to be cleared up.

I LOVE MY MOM. I LOVE WHEN SHE VISITS. SHE DOES DRIVE ME NUTS SOMETIMES BUT SHE IS A MOTHER, AFTER ALL. When I wrote the post about her visit I was totally being sarcastic and, in my mind, very funny. My mother, who knows me best of all, thought I was really irritated with her. Oh, mom. You silly old girl. xoxoxo

Okay, back to me. I am desiring to spend more time at home, in our yard, our neighborhood, the library, etc. My life feels so busy sometimes and I "stay home." Come on. I think I need to stay home a little more often and see how that feels, what our own rhythm actually is. Like the kids & their TV, I appreciate a trip to Madison a lot more when I'm not having it every day. (This will probably last a week.) (Oh, and by the way, I'm taking the kids on a 300 mile trip up to Duluth tomorrow.) (hello pot, this is kettle.)

Moving on to life at home, I can't go into how deeply I desire a deck and what may or may not happen there. I can say that I bought a patio set at D&S a couple weeks ago for $25. The cushions were ugly so I bought some towels (yes, I got them at Kohl's on sale!) to make slip covers. I made one last night...super easy and pretty cute. But, it's going to fade and, actually, I think the chairs would be more comfortable with just a thin pad on the seat. Not sure where I'll go from here but at least we have a little pretend patio now:
And 6 new chocolate brown towels. Never a bad thing. So, has having this "patio" changed my life? Well, no, I still have one ornery daughter but we were outside all morning and I actually had a place to sit while I hollered at her. Nice.

James is loving the outdoor life. Not as much as he's loving garnishes, though!
That pina colada really had an impact on him.

In other stuff that thrills me but you may find boring, I love these old bumpy OVENEX kitchen baking pans. I have amassed quite a collection (thank you d&s) and am going to spray paint this one a fun color and it will be, as James says, our patio tray.

* A while ago I found a couple local blogs I've been enjoying, Mom In Madison & elsie marley. They are both lovely blogs and I was inspired by Meg, at elsie marley, last night to start sewing every night for a while. (not including my visit to Duluth) There are SO MANY things I want to sew but I find it hard to get going sometimes. Other local bloggers I enjoy: Zoe & Vicki. :)


  1. Stephanie,

    I really think you should be my best friend. Should we move there or you move here? :-)

    Spray painting the ovenex? That could be genius. God I should step away from the spray paint already. LOL

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout-out. Although I think mine is more of a quasi-blog (I am thinking about writing a bit more, though).

    I'm so impressed that James can ride his bike! Well done, buddy!

  3. My three year old is in some growth spurt/demonic posession phase and he alternates between snuggliest sweet little guy and crazy screaming and crying for absolutely no reason for hours on end. Hard, but I love him. ;)

    I have been so wanting to sew. I sit down. Putter with the fabric. Lay it out. Organize it. Fold it. Smooth it. But just cannot get myself going. Maybe soon. Sewing every night (or day) would be a good thing. So many ideas, so much fabric, no motivation. It will come!

  4. Sarah, Hmmmm. It would be pretty hard for me to leave here...with dig & save and all. ;) And you are the spray paint queen...I have no doubt that my inspiration came from you.

    Vicki...I would love to read more from you!

    Denise, I's hard to believe she can be so perfect to me and still such a little monster sometimes. ;)


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